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You can see what you owe as of December 12, 2016 in water and sewer special assessments by entering your tax key number into the form on the assessments page.

Changes have been made to the ordinances. The approved set as of October 20, 2010 is available for viewing and download here.

Did you know that the District has drop boxes available for your convenience?
The gold and black fire hydrant located at the street south of the District mailbox is actually a drop box and located there so that you don't have to leave your car. The hydrant is checked daily.
The second drop box is located on the front of the District building next to the front door. There is a small basket that catches your envelope and is also retrieved daily.

Winterizing Tips

PHONE (262) 248-2077
FAX (262) 348-0432

As winter months approach there are numerous things that homeowners can do to ensure the plumbing in your house stays in good working order. We have put together a few pointers to avoid any headaches that cold weather can bring with it. This list is not comprehensive it is just meant to guide residents in preparing for long Wisconsin winters.

Avoiding Frozen Pipes

  • In freezing weather don't set your home's thermostat below 55 degrees.
  • Insulate pipes that are prone to freezing, such as those in an outside wall, in unheated areas of your home or that are exposed such as outside spigots.
  • Insulating covers are available for your water meter if you deem necessary.
  • In extremely cold weather, leave cabinet doors under sinks open to keep warm air circulating.
  • Locate your home's master valve and learn how to operate it so you can shut off the water temporarily if a line does break. The master valve is typically located where the service line enters the house before the water meter. This can be in a crawl space under your house or in the utility room near the hot-water tank or clothes washer.
  • Be sure to fill any spaces with insulation where drafts exist in your house.
  • If the water meter or piping is in a crawl space wrap the meter and pipes with heat tape. Heat tape looks like an extension cord, but creates heat to keep pipes warm. Many tapes have a built in thermostat so you don't waste energy.
  • Residents who leave their homes for any length of time during the winter may want to purchase a freeze alarm or temperature monitor. These devices can be programmed to phone you or a neighbor if there is a power failure or if the temperature drops below a certain number of degrees.
  • Make sure your gas and electricity are in working order to keep pipes warm.
  • Drain outdoor lines and disconnect garden hoses.

What if a Pipe Freezes?

  • Open the cold-water faucet nearest the freeze to relieve pressure and reduce the likelihood of breakage.
  • Close the master valve to shut off any in coming water in case the pipe has cracked.
  • You can use a hair dryer set on low, heat lamp or light bulb to gradually warm and thaw the frozen pipe. TAKE MUCH CARE WHEN USING ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES TO THAW PIPES. THE APPLIANCE COULD BECOME WET AND INCREASE THE DANGER OF ELECTRICUTION!
  • Do not use a blow torch or high amounts of heat as this can burst the pipe.
  • If you think you may have a frozen pipe or meter call the Lake Como Sanitary District at (262)248-2077 or a licensed plumber.

If you have any problems caused by cold weather or questions about how to prepare for winter you can call the Lake Como Sanitary District office weekdays from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm at (262)248-2077. If you have an emergency during non-business hours you can call the office and listen for the phone number on the answering machine. Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Sincerely, Neal Kolb
District Manager

The next district meeting is Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 at 5:15 pm at the District Office.

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