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Special Assessments as of January 1, 2018

The Special Assessments listed here are the principal amounts only and not the final balance due.
In order to obtain payoff amounts you must contact Lake Como Sanitary District #1.


Enter your property tax key in one of the forms below to see the principal that you owe for special assessments.

JLCB numbers, please enter the five digits of your tax key in the first box. If you have additional letters and/or numbers at the end, please use the drop down box to select the correct ending.
If your tax key doesn't start with JLCB, then please use the second form.

Tax Key number: JLCB



Use the form below if your tax key does not start with JLCB.
JA and JG numbers use a space between the letters and the numbers (ex: JG 00000000).
G numbers please use dashes (ex: G-00-0).

Tax Key number:



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